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Testimonials :: La Esperanza

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"Their end to end service is excellent and very are much happy. They have complete and up to date information of all international sectors and strong commitment to their work"

Bala Natarajan

Our Happy Customers

Dear La Esperanza, We had a very good trip thanks to you. You had made all the arrangements and planned all the details. We never faced any problem in the logistics. Thanks again and we will certainly come back to La Esperanza in case we need to plan something similar. Best Regards,

Ankur and Bani

Our Happy Customers

If you want to turn your holiday trips to memorable vacation in your doodle diary, La Esperanza is the one. A team of few amazing talented, self motivated, highly enthusiastic and yes knowledgeable people who meticulously draft your plan with all minute details based on your taste and kind of vacation you want. (the best I liked was the exhaustive list of Indian restaurants in a place like Hong Kong for the veggies out there ) These people know their job pretty well.
I have seen the same dedication in planning and response whether its a small or a big group, national or international holiday. My all 5 stars for them.

Ruchii K Lambaa

Our Happy Customers

We had booked a trip for 3 for Turkey for 5 nights and 6 days with La Esperanza Travels for the first time and the experience was very good. We gave them just 2-3 days to plan our itinerary but they planned it so well that we did not have any problem. We were in touch with Ms. Vandana Dhingra,who helped us in everything. Every minute detail was taken care of. The pick-ups and transfers , the guides and the choice of Hotels, everything was very good, very well organized. We hfaced no problem any where and would love to avail their services in future as well.

Rajni Chakravarty

Our Happy Customers

Let me know if it's suits you.

"When I went to China, just few weeks after I had arrived to India, I used “La Esperanza” visa services and bought my flying ticket with them.

However, during my staying there, my wife had an emergency health issue and I needed to be back immediately. I contacted Vandana via skype and without hesitation she instructed her staff to get me a return ticket to Delhi, telling me that I can pay later. She even offered to visit my wife at the hospital.
Later that year, while I was enjoying a family vacation booked with “La Esperanza”, I got a message from the airline letting me know that the flight was cancelled, and they didn’t offer me any other alternative. Obviously, I was in a dire situation: I had to look for another flight (For 6 people), pay for it, extending hotels etc.  Instead, I texted Vandana and her staff took care of it all allowing me to continue my lovely vacation with my family. They even took care of the money issue with the airline, so I didn’t have to add even one rupee.
They say that a good service provider can be recognized not when he sells you the product, but when you actually need his help. “La Esperanza” proved me, again and again, that they are there for their customers, making sure any vacation will be a great one!"

Liav Shamriz

Our Happy Customers